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PARIS–Your wedding is just the start of a life-long commitment; what better way to reconfirm your love than with a beautiful and unforgettable vow renewal? A vow renewal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remind each other just how precious your relationship is at any stage in your marriage.

We offer limitless options for the vow renewal of your dreams. Renew your vows intimately with just the two of you, or invite your loved ones to share the truly unforgettable event. The experience does not stop with vow renewals; you can extend your celebration with a romantic trip around France or other parts of Europe. We at Ooh la la! France Wedding Planner believe that there’s no better place to reaffirm your love than the most romantic settings in the world. We maintain that Paris is THE place to express that heartfelt commitment. Here are just some of the reasons why you may agree.

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1) The city of Paris has the perfect and unmatched photo backdrop
Renew your vows on the Champ de Mars just in front of the Eiffel Tower, or in the evening with the Alexandre III bridge glowing in the background. We can arrange for you to be photographed in front of your favorite masterpiece at the Louvre, or other cherished artwork around the city.

2) You can renew your vows in a romantic hidden garden
Parisian gardens are perfect for a vow renewal in the spring or summer. You can enjoy the city of Paris without the crowd by renewing vows in an intimate outdoor space like the fragrant rose gardens at Parc de Bagatelle. For breathtaking backdrops, we can arrange your vow renewal in the gardens behind the Eiffel Tower or tucked behind the Notre Dame.

3) You can renew your vows in a non-denominational church
Paris is not only home to the most beautiful churches, but also is one of the few cities that offers a beautiful non-denominational church that is perfect for an intimate vow renewal. We have access to multilingual ministers, so you don’t ever need to worry about a language barrier.

4) You can renew your vows at a romantic historical castle
Take a helicopter ride from Paris to one of the most beautiful castles in France. We can arrange a candle lit vow renewal at Vaux-le-Vicomte with a private tour and champagne reception to follow.

5) You can renew your vows overlooking the city of Paris
Paris is the only place in the world where you can renew your vows on a terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Follow the ceremony with an exceptional lunch or dinner with a spectacular view at Les Ombres. We can also arrange for you to renew your vows with a breathtaking view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Conclude with an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Eiffel Tower with a group of 2-10 loved ones.

6) You can rent a private yacht to follow your vow renewal
Following your vow renewal, take a ride on the Seine in a luxurious private boat with a view of the entire city from the water. You can enjoy a vintage champagne toast as well as a photoshoot with the city’s most awe-inspiring monuments in the background.

7) Enjoy a private dinner celebration while renewing vows
Follow your elegant vow renewal with a dinner prepared by a private French chef, or with an elegant picnic in the gardens of Versailles, Chantilly or Fontainebleau. We can arrange for your dinner to be held in an exquisitely decorated private room at Lapérouse or the restaurant of your choosing.

8) You can follow your vow renewal with a private city tour
For the ultimate intimate experience, you can take a ride in a horse drawn carriage through the city of Paris, stopping at some of the most beautiful parks and gardens. We can arrange for a sparkling silver Rolls-Royce or vintage Citroën traction car to chauffeur you around the city of lights for the night. For a unique journey into the present and past glories of Paris, take our “Midnight in Paris” tour inspired by the Woody Allen Movie.

9) You can renew your vows privately in a historical location
We can arrange a private tour and vow renewal at Paris Opera House after hours or at the chateau of Versailles the day it is closed to the general public for a truly exceptional and unforgettable occasion.

10) You can host your vow renewals at an elegant champagne bar
We can arrange for an exquisite champagne bar to be privatized for your intimate reception. Enjoy a champagne tasting accompanied by violin music while a personal photographer documents the special occasion.

We are delighted to guide you through each and every step of your magical vow renewal. We have personal connections with some of the best French photographers and hairdressers that can be at your disposal for the momentous occasion. We are happy to help you arrange every detail such as exquisite floral arrangements for all your decorative needs, or vow renewal rings from French jeweler Chaumet.

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Don’t worry if your French is not perfect, we will take care of every detail for your customized vow renewal. Contact us at with any inquiries.


COTE D’AZUR, FRANCE—If you want a truly spectacular wedding or elopement on the French Riviera, look no further than the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild on the point of Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat.

Villa Ephrussi 2Commissioned in 1907 by one of the wealthiest women in France, Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild, the magnificent villa and gardens, is the only authentic Belle Epoque estate open to the general public and also available for private events, including intimate betrothals as well as receptions of up to 300 guests.

The property is surrounded by nine magnificent gardens, each one inspired by the flora from different countries around the world. Among the gardens that guests can admire are: the Spanish garden, the Florentine garden, the Japanese garden, and the French formal garden where many weddings are celebrated.

Villa Ephrussi 5But these stunning landscapes we don’t owe to the villa’s owner but to Louis Marchand, an occasional painter, botany enthusiast and garden designer. In 1934, when Béatrice Ephrussi died and left her property to the Institut de France, Louis Marchand was hired to restore the Villa grounds.

He decided to level the ground, to bring the ornamental ponds back to life and to create themed gardens. In three years, he created a garden complex, including a bamboo plantation which no longer exists.

Tragically, during the war, the villa’s gardens were mined and it wasn’t until after 1945, that the gardens and the mansion were returned to their original splendor.

Villa Ephrussi 8Because the venue is open to the public during the day, it is only possible to hold evening receptions from 7 pm until 3 am from September to June, and from 8 pm to 3 am in July and in August. You can host both kosher and non-kosher events at the villa.

For a truly magical touch to your reception, the Villa Ephrussi offers a beautifully lit fountain show set to music, a real must to take full advantage of this magnificent venue. If you would like to enquire about holding your wedding at this magnificent estate, email or call us at +331 45 77 01 63.

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