Memorable Vow renewals

Regardless of the number of years you have been married, regardless of the challenges and trials you may have faced, you both realize how much your relationship means and how precious it is.

Ooh la la! France Wedding Planner believes there is no better way to reaffirm how much you love each other than to renew your wedding vows in Paris or in another part of France, in one of the most romantic settings imaginable—with either just the two of you or members of your family.  Best of all, you can use this romantic occasion to extend your travel program in France as well as other parts of Europe.

“You are a woman who gets things done! Thank you for orchestrating our vow renewal in Paris! You delivered! There are so many words to describe our holiday/vow renewal but the one that captures the essence of our adventure is magical.”

Lana & Richard Tamaro


“Midnight in Paris” Tour in a Vintage Traction Car

Inspired by the Woody Allen movie, this unique tour takes you on a journey into the present and past glories of Paris including Maxim’s, Hemingway’s hangouts, the Alexander III Bridge, the Luxor Obélisque and the Pyramid of the Louvre. Our dedicated driver and our photographer provide champagne and a photo CD for unforgettable memories. This vow renewal tour is ideally done between 10 pm and midnight.


Eiffel Tower Vow Renewal

Did you ever imagine renewing your vows overlooking or one of the city’s most famous and singular landmarks? This program includes the services of a celebrant, admissions to the Eiffel Tower, a photographer/videographer, and a celebratory drink with optional dinner, as well as on-site hostess or planner. This vow renewal is ideal for groups of 2-10 people. (If you want to make it truly a surprise, why not organize this event around a tour Behind the Scenes of the Eiffel Tower and conclude this event with the vow renewal.) Note: Because the Eiffel Tower is one of the most celebrated and popular monuments in the world, it is advisable to organize this event well in advance.


Champagne Vow Renewal

Have you ever imagined renewing your vows around Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, and were worried about the weather? You needn’t anymore because Ooh la la! France Wedding Planner has the most exquisite champagne bar for your next vow renewal in Paris. With this program, you can enjoy your private celebrant and vow renewal ceremony, accompanied to violin or harp music, an elegant champagne tasting, as well as a photographer to record this moving occasion. Naturally, you don’t have to limit yourself to this venue: we have plenty of others to recommend..


Garden Ceremony Vow Renewal

Why not renew your vows in a beautiful, Parisian rose garden such as Bagatelle or the garden in the Domain of Marie Antoinette at Versailles? This program can include the services of a celebrant and an original text, our photographer/videographer, transportation, as well as a lovely outdoor picnic or reception. If it is held on a Saturday night in the summer, we can arrange a candle-lit vow renewal at Vaux-le-Vicomte followed by an elegant dinner reception or a picnic at Versailles followed by a fireworks and light show in the gardens.

Romantic Private Cruise in Paris

Romantic Private Cruise in Paris

Have you ever imagined renewing your marriage vows on a skippered private boat on the Seine River?  Now you can, while our photographer records this event for posterity, as you sail past Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, Saint Michel, and the Louvre in a 90-minute cruise with a bottle of vintage Champagne. This romantic voyage includes your celebrant, an original text, our photographer/videographer, and an intimate champagne reception with petits fours. This is ideal for two to four people. This unforgettable program is available during the day and at sunset.


Vow Renewal in a Parisian Church

If you happen to feel it is important to renew your wedding vows in a church, Ooh la la! France Wedding Planner can arrange for you to reaffirm your marriage bond in a non-denominational church in Paris. Once you send us a valid civil marriage license from your home country, we are able to book this event. Your English-speaking minister will conduct the ceremony accompanied by live organ music featuring composers you have pre-selected. This event can be followed by a tour in a vintage car or Mercedes limousine accompanied by our photographer so you can bring home unforgettable images of your trip to Paris.

Naturally, these are just some ideas for an unforgettable vow renewal experience that can be organized by the team at Ooh la la! France Wedding Planner. For further information, we invite to write to or to click on our Contact page.