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PARIS, FRANCE– Louise and David wanted to celebrate their love by renewing their vows in a truly special way. Lousie explains how well their special day went –

“It was always my dream to visit Versailles.  When my husband and I decided to renew our vows on our ten year wedding anniversary – we knew this was the perfect opportunity.    I envisioned renewing our vows in the Gardens at Versailles and the Temple of Love.  Thus began the adventure for the next year of reaching out to entities in Versailles, trying to get answers, trying to figure out what we could and could not do, would they allow it, logistics, finding a venue for a dinner reception, could we bring our stuffed monkey Baboo into the gardens (as he has been an integral part of our family) all the while working within both time zone and language barriers.  I finally threw up my hands and said we needed someone local, on the ground who knew the ropes and the venues.  That is when I discovered Rachel Kaplan and Ooh la la! France Wedding Planner.

Rachel was able to bring our vision to life.  She easily and effectively garnered access and permission into the areas that we wished to have our ceremony.  Being a historic park they can’t close down for private events, but Rachel still managed to maneuver the other visitors around the event so it felt like it was our own private oasis.


[Rachel was able to secure] the incredible venue and dinner at a Michelin-rated restaurant in a charming town about ten minutes from Versailles, procuring a most talented photographer who went out of his way to get some really unique shots, high-end transportation for our party, beautiful flowers and décor, hair and make-up and a few surprises along the way.  I was especially touched that prior to the event she had purchased a most beautiful coffee table book of photos of Versailles to have our guests sign at the dinner later that night.  It will always be a special keepsake.

The greatest accolades I can give are the personal touches Rachel provided; she was personally involved in helping to shape our vows and story, acting as our celebrant, providing history lessons and delightful anecdotal stories about Marie Antoinette and Louie on the bus in between photos shoots which our guests absolutely loved!  Her ability to remain calm when schedule faltered from time to time and we needed to re-adjust due to guests wandering off, or having to work around other tourists was impressive. That is a sign of a true professional!

So many thanks Rachel for helping me to bridge the language and cultural barriers in Versailles and making our vision a reality.  We cannot thank you enough!”