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PARIS–Maria, a Peruvian exchange student studying in Glasgow, Scotland for the year, thought she knew how she was going to spend her Christmas break in Paris with her boyfriend Adrian.

She understood that they were staying at an AirBnB apartment in the 19th district, that they were going to spend a day at Disneyland Paris, and that they were going to have a private Eiffel Tower tour with a photographer in Spanish. So far so good.

_FD20008 (16)

_FD20008 (20)

What she didn’t know is that Adrian had called Ooh La La! France Wedding Planner a week earlier asking us to organize a surprise proposal following the Eiffel Tower tour. Could we rent an acoustic guitar for him to play? Check. Could we arrange to have a bouquet of red amaryllis lilies? Check. Could we make sure to bring a set of 10 posters to the event with one of our hostesses? Check.


So following the tour, with guitar and lilies in hand, as well as posters, Adrian unwrapped his pre-Christmas surprise. First there was their favorite Metallica song that he played on the guitar  backed up by speaker with a USB key so small he pulled it out of his coat pocket.


Then the series of posters, each one unfolded to reveal an important occasion he and Maria had shared. Last a red heart shaped poster asking Maria for her hand in marriage. The final act was the stunning engagement ring.



Naturally our photographer recorded every instant, so they could cherish this once-in-a-lifetime occasion forever.




Adrian wrote to us on Christmas Eve:

Thanks for everything. We are having a great time, we are very happy. We are downloading the photos.
Thanks!!! 🙂
Merry Christmas”