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PARIS, FRANCE—This year, when we discovered the wonderful wedding gowns of Ana Quasoar, we were also pleased to learn that this highly talented designer also dreamed up a precious guide for all future brides regardless of their age or background.

This little book of advice—only available when you visit her beautiful Parisian store—is simply titled “Advice for future-brides-to-be on wedding preparation.” The motto of the booklet is wise: “There are as many ways to get married as there are to fall in love.


“Marriage is the ideal occasion to express your dreams,” Ana writes. “It’s not enough for your ideal wedding gown to be beautiful—it has to be ‘waoh’.” She adds: “Forget the clichés. Whether you are slim, round, petite, or tall, and whatever your age, expect to discover many surprises!”

What fun! She strongly advises that selecting your dress should begin at least a year in advance, so you study different looks and possibilities. But don’t despair: if this is a last minute wedding, she has seen brides find the dress of their dreams in less than two months.


Be sure to be a little daring, when you choose your gown. “It’s in being innovative and in telling a story that truly resembles you, that you will create your own magic,” she notes.

The location of your wedding will also influence your choice of dress, she continues. You certainly won’t select the same dress if you marry in a picturesque chapel or if you wed in a grand cathedral. Think about the ambiance and where the wedding will be taking place, she advises.


You may want to select the dress with your mother or a close friend, who is the bridal party. Make sure this person is a close confidante and a person you can trust and whose advice you value.

When it comes to hairstyle and makeup, there is nothing more ravishing than an artfully natural look. A glowing complexion, as if you were just back from vacation, lightly enhanced lips and eyes, will make you look truly sublime. Do a test in advance with pictures, and choose the best veil and accessories for your dress and your photography.

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Any accessories you choose, including necklace and earrings should bring out the light and beauty in your face without overshadowing your gown or the overall effect. Your lingerie should be comfortable and invisible—lace and exquisitely embellished lingerie can be worn under some corseted gowns and full skirts.

As for shoes, Ana has a preference for platinum, silver, gold or nude. “They look like jewels and melt into the color of your skin. Do not forget that you will be standing a lot on your wedding day, so be sure they are comfortable!”

(We know some brides who change into espadrilles and running shoes when they expect to be up all night dancing into the wee hours of morning).

Ana suggests that some platform shoes allow for both height and comfort and some low shoes give a lovely shape to the foot—if is best to try on shoes with bare legs, and only to buy them if they enhance your ankle, leg and figure as a whole.

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But even as you focus on looking your ultimate best on “the big day”—remember that the most important thing is the love and admiration that you have for your husband and soul-mate. Knowing that, you will glow with happiness throughout the day, and this inner joy is all you need to feel both beautiful and loved.


PARIS—Anyone who has the good fortune to order a custom-made wedding dress from Ana Quasoar is going to feel especially blessed.
Portrait-Ana-QuasoarThis is because regardless of who you are—whether you are a barefoot bride having your wedding on a beach in Sicily or a princess having a wedding in Monte Carlo or the Hamptons—you will feel that Ana has made a dress just for you, enhancing both your femininity and your personality.

As graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Ana has been running her bridal wear design company in France for 10 years, and her dresses are now available in Japan as well as through her boutique in Paris on the Rue de la Banque.RVB-Robe NINA“When a bride comes to my shop, my first desire is to understand the person for whom I am designing this gown or wedding outfit,” she explains. “My goal is to make all women look as lovely as possible, while still remaining utterly themselves.

“I work with brides from 20 to 77, and they can range from being very athletic to very feminine. If they want a modest style, I can make it. If they want to be sexy, I can do that as well. We don’t limit ourselves in any way.”

Ana maintains that a wedding gown is a personalized work of art and that is why she insists on working only with the best materials and the most talented seamstresses in her Paris atelier.Robe Sienna dos

Her fabrics are sourced in Italy and in France, andher laces are exclusively French, from Calais and Alençon. You want jeweled embroidery? No problem. She works with the very same embroiderers who work for the haute couture including Chanel and Dior.

Even if you choose a white wedding dress with or without lace or jewels, no two whites are alike. You will have a choice of creamy whites, brilliant whites, matte whites—whatever works with your coloring and shows up best on camera.
Ana also furnishes all the bridal accessories including veils and jackets as well as shawls. Nor does she stop there: she can outfit the mother of the bride and groom, as well the maid of honor and bridesmaids.

RVB-Robe BAMBI étole AZUR“We once did a wedding around the colors of jewels—and another around precious metals, so that the wedding party’s dresses were in bronze, silver and gold. We can be very creative with some of our bridal parties,” she adds.

So how far in advance do you have to book with Ana Quasoar to get your dream dress? “A year is best, though we can also work up to six months in advance of the wedding date,” she notes. “But unless you want a dress that is already in our stock, it’s not a good idea to order one month in advance—our atelier simply cannot do an adequate job.”

In short, a wedding dress from Ana Quasoar is well worth planning for in advance. But when it comes to the most important day in your life, would you have it any other way?

For more information on Ana Quasoar, please visit the website here.

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VERSAILLES—If you thought that Marie-Antoinette was the only person to ever have the Petit Trianon all to herself, think again.

This May, Ooh la la! France Wedding Planner was able to arrange the unthinkable: a total privatization of the Domain of Marie-Antoinette on the day Versailles is closed for one of the most romantic man in Los Angeles, who wanted to choose this unique site to propose to an exquisitely beautiful young woman.
The romantic weekend got off to the right start: a personal greeter at the gate of the plane to expedite customs and passport control, a chauffeured Mercedes “S” class car, and a private tour of Yves Saint Laurent’s design studio in Paris.
The hotel booking was also a dream come true: a lovely suite overlooking the Eiffel Tower so they could admire its sparkling beauty by night and its stunning majesty by day.

The following day, accompanied by our hostess, they took the chauffeured Mercedes out to Versailles, enjoying delicious Laurent Perrier pink champagne en route. All this lovely woman imagined was a private visit to somewhere beautiful.
Waiting in the wings was our trusted photographer ready to capture it call. It is moments like these that we will treasure forever, and which inspired us to make all your dreams a reality.

Should you wish to organize a similar proposal at Versailles or at another unique and exclusive venue, feel free to write to

“Thank you again for doing such a superb job organizing everything – it went very well, all the drivers, guides restaurant bookings and photographers…. You were always pleasant and delivered an excellent result.” B. from Los Angeles


PARIS—Our slogan is « You dream it ; we create it. » That is exactly what we did for an adorable couple from Texas who chose to have a unique and intimate wedding with only the closest members of their family in Paris.

The bride and groom—Kacie and Richard—were a perfect match, and their parents and siblings were overjoyed to celebrate this joyous occasion in Paris. In fact, right before the wedding, they all traveled out to Versailles to enjoy the spectacular fountains and music in the royal gardens!

Thanks to our little “black book” of confidential addresses, we were able to offer them an exquisite mansion in the heart of Paris with a private garden where they were able to hold their ceremony, and then enjoy a cocktail reception, followed by an elegant banquet in the mansion’s dining room.
The overall color scheme was lovely: pastel pink and white, with touches of black.

Their catered gourmet dinner started with an elegant shrimp appetizer, then continued with a main course of roast duck, a heart-shaped cheese and salad, and ended with an exquisite chocolate mousse dessert. But the meal certainly didn’t end there. To top off the night’s festivities, the bride and groom cut a magnificent three-tiered cake and snacked on a lovely pyramid of macarons—in pale rose, vanilla and pistachio.

When the evening ended, they happily walked up three flights of stairs to the bedroom that the designer Christian Dior once called “home.”

In short, everything was très chic and très magnifique.

The next day, to make sure that they had unforgettable memories of Paris, our bridal couple enjoyed a photographic tour of the city in our convertible Citroën traction car. Our talented photographer was able to capture their love and happiness framed by the beauty and magic of the French capital.

If you want to contact us for a dream wedding of this kind, please don’t hesitate to do so at